What can you do?

Publishing a book is a lot of work, and I'd love your help! Here are some ways to generate publicity for Sweepings:

If you're willing to spend money:

If you've already read Sweepings:

  • Rate it on Amazon and write a review (especially if you have a verified purchase)

  • Rate it on Barnes & Noble and write a review

  • Rate it on Goodreads and write a review

  • Rate it on Readerly and write a Gist

  • Write a review on your blog or on social media

  • Recommend it to a friend

Other ways to help:

  • Add Sweepings of the Street to your Want to Read list on Goodreads

  • Follow Amanda Denney (@amanda_denney_writes) on Goodreads

  • Join the Sweepings of the Street email list to stay up-to-date on Sweepings news

  • Follow and engage with @amanda_denney_writes on Instagram and Wattpad

  • Subscribe to and engage with Amanda Denney Creates on YouTube

  • Like, follow, and engage with Sweepings of the Street on Facebook

  • Watch, engage with, and share the Sweepings of the Street book trailer and other Sweepings videos

  • Encourage any of your book-loving friends to do any of the above!

What do you mean by engage?

  • On a social media platform, engagement is a measurement of interactions with content. Some actions that improve engagement are likes, comments, saves/bookmarks, sharing posts to your story, and sending posts to friends. This tells the social media algorithm that people enjoy those posts, causing the posts and account to be shown to more people.