Human & animal portraits, landscapes, space & science-themed paintings, and more...

Amanda began to draw at a very young age, and she has accumulated an impressive portfolio over the past several years. She works primarily with colored pencils and graphite, and her favorite subjects are humans and animals. 

Amanda has a large collection of ink drawings from five years of October ink challenges. She draws fan art of books, movies, and musicals. Lettering and graphic design are also in her repertoire. 

In 2022 and 2023, Amanda began selling what some customers have called "tiny art"—painted stones, small acrylic and watercolor paintings, painted shells, bookmarks, stickers, etc.—at craft fairs in New York and Massachusetts. She has had several successful craft fairs, as shown on the Events page. She also sells her novel, Sweepings of the Street, at her booths. 

To order prints of Amanda's art, contact her through Instagram (@amanda.art5790) or email Prints on clothing and other items are available on Redbubble at amandadenneyart