Sweepings of the Street is available for purchase! 

Amanda began to write around age six, shortly after she realized that she loved to read. Inspired by childhood favorites like Purple Princess Wins the Prize and There's A Boy in the Girl's Bathroom, she moved from beginning-middle-end short stories to longer, more complex fiction. At age 11, she finished a short novel. She also experimented with science fiction, poetry, fanfiction, and fantasy. 

Inspiration struck in 2017 when Amanda found a set of Blake and Wordsworth poems about the British Industrial Revolution. She outlined Sweepings of the Street that same day, and it became a full-scale project that is finally out in the world in 2023.

Along with Sweepings, Amanda has also written several short stories, including a World War One soldier's journal, a coming-of-age story about bullying, and the story of a street thief's plan to break his sister out of prison. She writes poetry, mostly free verse poems about mental health, and is experimenting with writing fiction and poetry in Spanish. 

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