About Amanda

Amanda, a young woman with short brown hair and glasses, wearing a purple patterned jumpsuit. She is leaning against a tree, holding a binder with a label reading "Sweepings of the Street," and smiling. A lake and bushes are visible in the background.

Amanda Denney is a creator of many things, including books, poems, portraits, nature journals, music, and puns. Joining her long list of creations is her debut novel, Sweepings of the Street, a historical fiction coming-of-age story. Amanda has a diverse art portfolio and sells original paintings and commissions. 

Amanda is a student at Skidmore College, where she studies theater, Spanish, and anthropology, among other things. In high school, she participated in the drama club, a cappella group, chorus, and quiz bowl team. True to her very musical family, Amanda plays violin and piano, and she is learning guitar. She also sings and acts onstage, sometimes in three or four shows at once. Amanda plays Dungeons & Dragons with her friends and collects space-themed clothing. 

When she's not at school, Amanda lives with her parents, younger sister, and Australian cattledog mix. 

For information about Amanda's art and writing experience, visit the linked pages.