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Dec 10, 2023: Celebrating 1 Year of Sweepings of the Street

Sweepings was released a year ago as of December 10, 2023. So many amazing things have happened since then, and this video looks back on this first year. 

December 8, 2023: Tang Bazaar

Saratoga Springs, NY

3:30-5:30 p.m.

Hosted by Skidmore College's Tang Teaching Museum, this annual holiday craft fair is full of student artisans of all kinds. I sold copies of Sweepings of the Street, original paintings, painted stones, bookmarks, and stickers. This was my second Tang Bazaar and had an excellent turnout.

The photo of me is by Sarah Condon-Meyers, a photographer I met at the bazaar. 

October 14, 2023: Saratoga Book Festival Literary Marketplace

Saratoga Springs, NY

I had a booth in a room full of 60+ authors selling books and art. I was lucky to be across from Schara Reeves Press, whom I knew from last year's festival. I was a customer at SBF in October 2022, so it was so exciting to be on the authors' side this year!

This was my first official event that I ran alone, and it was a lot of fun. I met so many wonderful authors like Ira Marcks (children's graphic novels) and Kiersten Marcil (Revolutionary historical fantasy). I'm happy with the turnout and excited to connect with my new readers. 

Amanda, a 19-year-old white woman with short brown hair and glasses, stands behind a long table with a light sage green tablecloth and a smaller tablecloth on top printed with a historical London map. She is smiling, and she wears a dark gray shirt with typewriter text that reads, "Careful or you'll end up in my next novel." The text on the shirt is partially obscured by a blue lanyard around her neck. The booth has a large poster on the front of it that reads, "Book Signing & Meet and Greet, Now Available, Author Amanda Denney," and has an image of a paperback and Kindle version of Sweepings of the Street by Amanda Denney, which shows a girl's silhouette on a brown dirt background. Another, slightly blurry dirt image is the background of the poster. On top of the table, left to right: a white sign reading "Amanda Denney" in large black text with the orange Saratoga Book Festival logo; a dark blue striped briefcase with scrapbooking-like travel designs, lying on top of a white fringe shawl draped over part of the table; two stacks of Sweepings of the Street books like stair steps; a display copy of the book propped up with a gold sticker on it, in front of a square wicker box that has a sign with Amanda's Venmo QR code on it; an assortment of paintings and painted stones, including several bookshelf designs; a small wooden box; a brown sign reading "find me online"; and a black Halloween candy bucket with various text on it in orange, green, and white. The room is large, with beige walls and multiple sets of double doors behind Amanda, and there are several other booths visible, facing different directions and with different book displays.
A slightly diagonal view of the same booth. Behind the table, a woman standing up is talking to a woman sitting down. The sign reading "Amanda Denney" is more prominent in this shot and shows the Saratoga Book Festival logo, which is an orange circle reading "Saratoga Book Festival" in turquoise all caps, and the words "Literary Marketplace" in white on a turquoise banner in front of the circle.

August 26-27, 2023: Kill Tide Arts & Crafts Festival

Brewster, MA

I sold various "tiny art" and copies of Sweepings of the Street at this Cape Cod craft fair. There was a solid turnout and a lot of interest in Sweepings, the painted stones, and the decorated seashells. This was my first official craft fair, and I really enjoyed it. I sold half of the Sweepings copies I brought, which are the last ones left from my original 50 author copies. This fair also helped me pass 300 books sold!

A table with a beige tablecloth. On the table is a display of paintings, including nature-related silhouettes, night sky scenes, and hand-lettered quotes.
Amanda, a 19-year-old white woman with short brown hair and glasses, stands at a table patterned with a historical map of London. The table is outside and has a craft fair booth in the background. Amanda stands leaning against the table in front of her, wearing a turquoise popcorn tank top and smiling widely. She's also wearing a red square pin that says 2023 on it. On the table in front of her is a display copy of Sweepings of the Street by Amanda Denney, which has a brown cover with a girl's silhouette on it. The display copy has a gold circular sticker on it with zigzag edges. Also on the table are two stacks of copies of Sweepings and a brown sign that says Amanda Denney, artist, author, find me online, with her social media accounts.

June-July 2023: Sweepings in Reader Views July Giveaway

Sweepings of the Street and 23 other independently published books were in Reader Views' June/July giveaway! Congratulations to the four winners who received copies of Sweepings.

A white and purple graphic reading "July book giveaway, reader views," with a firework. A piece of notebook paper on the left reads, "We're giving away over 40 copies of books by indie authors!" 24 book covers are shown in a grid. The titles are: Up Bow Down Bow; Your Turn; Sweepings of the Street; Grateful to be Grace; The Ponce Factor; Zip Line; The Halfways; Living Your Art, Loving Your Life; Murder Under A Blue Moon; The Black Magician; Inside Our Days; The Princess, The Knight, and the Lost God; Gift Card Pro; Surfaced; Sandmann; Free Fall; Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door; From the Archives; The Truth I Must Invent; Dawn Star; Stuff & Nonsense; Royal Matchmaking Competition; The Girl Who Was Too Much and Not Enough; and The Lady of the Lighthouse. Text at the bottom reads, "Full terms and conditions at"

June 2023: Book Award Finalist

Sweepings of the Street was a finalist for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Young Authors (written by under age 25) category! This is its second time being recognized for a book award. 

Here is the full list of winners. Full award information here.

Amanda, a young woman with short brown hair and glasses, stands beaming with a copy of Sweepings of the Street with a gold book award sticker on it. She wears a silver medal reading Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist with a blue and white ribbon around her neck over a white and purple swirl-patterned shirt.

April 22, 2023: Earth Day Bazaar

Saratoga Springs, NY

This sustainability-based craft fair featured a selection of student artists selling handmade items. I sold painted stones, necklaces, stickers, bookmarks, and signed copies of Sweepings of the Street. An outdoor craft fair on a windy day presented a challenge, but the fair went well. 

April 2023: Little Women Essay Contest Results

Congratulations to the winners, Aaron and Allison!

Based in Louisa May Alcott's hometown of Concord, MA, this essay contest is open to middle and high school students. Submissions were due on January 16. 

I judged the contest with several other Massachusetts authors. Learn more on Concord Players' website

March 6, 2023: Sweepings Wins A Book Award!

Sweepings of the Street received a Bronze Award in the Teens (ages 12-16) category of the Reader Views Literary Awards. This was its first book award!

Read Reader Views' 5-star review of Sweepings here. Here is the full list of winners.

Watch Local TV Interview with Amanda (Virtual)

Filmed on January 9, 2023, this segment shows me talking with host Ryan Malyar about my writing process and experience as a young author. I also read an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Sweepings of the Street. The excerpt can also be found here

December 17, 2022: Sweepings Launch Party & Book Signing

This event was planned entirely by my friends and family, and it came as a total surprise! Many of my friends and teachers came with copies of Sweepings for me to sign or bought copies there. There were also cupcakes with custom Sweepings toppers and a cake that read, "Yay, you wrote a book!" 

Watch the video below for footage of the setup, my reaction, and some behind-the-scenes goofiness. 

December 9, 2022: Tang Bazaar

This Saratoga Springs event is hosted in December, featuring a selection of student artists selling handmade items. I put together an inventory of pieces made by me, my mom (bead necklaces), and my sister (string bracelets and keychains). The craft fair went smoothly and also helped with publicity for the Sweepings book launch the next day.